Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Favourite Brush Brands Spree

Hello! After about a year, we're back!

Since Flie started working and Mouzzie changed roles at work neither of us are as available outside work that much any more T.T
We would not be able to be as active as we use to be, so please bear with us :(

To celebrate our return, free postage via Pos Laju for purchases of RM50 and above in this spree :D (Can be combined with our readystock items)

Spree details:
Closing date: 24th May 2013
ETA: Two weeks after batch closes
Deposit required: 50%

Click on the brands' logo to be redirected to their official site :)

Fine Liner Brush = RM29
Lash-Brow Groomer = RM29
Shading Brush = RM29
Setting Brush = RM38
Foundation Brush = RM38
Blush Brush = RM43
Expert Face  Brush = RM43
Powder Brush = RM48
Kabuki Brush = RM48
Stippling Brush = RM48
Travel Essentials (3 Brushes & Case) = RM90
Starter Set (5 Brushes & Case) = RM90
Core Collection (4 Brushes & Case) = RM90
Duo-Fiber Collection, Limited Edition (3 Brush ) = RM100

Bamboo Lash & Brow Groomer = RM12
Bamboo Mini Brushes (6 Brushes) = RM16
Detailed Lip Brush = RM16
Bamboo Flat Eyeliner = RM16
Airbrush Concealer = RM16
Bamboo Smudge Eyeliner Brush = RM17
Bamboo Eye Shadow Brush = RM17
Bamboo Foundation Brush = RM23
Bamboo Bristle Bath Brush = RM24
Foam Applicator (For face) = RM24
Recycled Retractable Foundation Brush = RM24
Bamboo Buffing Brush = RM28
Deluxe Fan Brush = RM29
Tapered Blush Brush = RM29
Bamboo Finishing Kabuki = RM29
Bamboo Powder Brush = RM33.50
Six Piece Essential Eye Set (5 Brushes & 1 Travel Bag) = RM36
Recycled Retractable Kabuki = RM36
Bamboo Bronzer Brush = RM41
Bamboo 5-Piece Touch-Up Set = RM43
Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set = RM47
Face & Body Sculpting Brush = RM47
Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set = RM49
By Alicia Siverstone Backstage Vanity Set 4 Piece Set = RM51
Fresh 7 Flawless Complexion Brush Set = RM65

Beautiful Expressions Kabuki Set Limited Edition 4 Piece Set = RM69
Six Piece Day-to-Night Brush Clutch Set = RM69
By Alicia Siverstone Brush Set & Bag 5-Piece Set = RM100

Please note that we won't be getting this directly from ELF's website, so there isn't a 50% discount (There isn't one going on on the website anyway =/)

Studio Small Smudge Brush = RM28 = RM28
Studio Complexion Brush = RM28
Studio Powder Brush = RM28
Studio Fan Brush = RM28
Studio Angled Foundation Brush = RM28
Studio Contour Brush = RM28
Studio Eyeshadow 'C' Brush = RM28
Studio Small Precision Brush = RM28
Studio Small Angled Brush = RM28
Studio Blush Brush = RM28
Studio Angled Contour Brush = RM28
Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush = RM28
Studio Stipple Brush = RM28
Studio Retractable Lip Brush = RM28
Studio Mineral Powder Brush = RM28
Studio Flat Eyeliner Brush = RM28
Studio Kabuki Face Brush = RM28
Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection = RM190

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