Saturday, March 17, 2012

Satchels and Bucketbags

All the bags below are not restockable.

Modern Vintage Satchel
Only one available!

Strap is not detachable; no inner pockets or lining
Please note that the sewing isn't that perfect (as pictured on the inside of the flap)
Material: High quality, thick, soft PVC
Body: 31cm by 22cm by 8cm thick
Front pocket: 24cm by 16.5cm high
Strap: 61cm to 118cm long

Hipster Satchel
Only one available!

Crossbody strap is detachable
Material: High quality, thick, soft pleather. Liner is a cotton blend
Body: 26cm by 29cm by 9cm thick
Front pocket: 23cm by 15cm tall
Crossbody strap: 64cm to 121cm long

The Fucci Bucket Bag
RM35 each
Two available

Sigh, we loved the polka-heart design, but in the stock photo the Double Gs were no where in sight. Manatau when the bags arrived they are actually Gucci knockoffs -.-"

Rectangle base. Side pocket is usable. Only crossbody strap is detachable, shoulder strap is sewn in.
Material: Main body is treated canvas (so it has that water resistant property), red parts are PVC. Liner is a cotton blend
Base: 27.5cm by 17.5cm
Height: 29cm excluding straps
Straps: 56cm (attached strap) and 57cm to 110cm (crossbody strap) long

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