Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Mandom

Harajuku Girls
Chain itself is approx. 24cm long, while the pendant adds about another 6cm
RM10 each


Be Charmed Bookmarks
Ribbon itself is about 18cm long, while the charms hang from 4cm to 5cm
RM8 each

Green Leaves
Blue Angel
Brown Pirate

Velcro Ribbons
Approximately 10cm long, meant for "sticking" hair up and out of your face. Great for when you've already styled your hair, but need it pinned up temporarily
RM5 each

Eight available, one sold

Marc Daisy
Approximately 5.5cm long
RM5 each

Five available

When you're too lazy to handwash that sequinned/beaded top, what do you do? You chuck it into a laundry bag, drop it into the washing machine, and done!
One measures 31cm by 38cm, though it's stated that it's 30cm by 40cm =/

Laundry Bag
RM5 each

Five available, two sold

(Oh man, this makes us seem like such lazy people T.T) I've hardly ever handwashed my bras, because of this. The old versions have either no wiring or only a thin wire around the rim which in the end can get easily bent and disfigure your bra. This newer version won't get crushed so easily, as there's a whole plastic disk at the top and bottom to prevent it from crushing.
Best for non-padded bras, though we still use them :P

Bra Washing Bag
Each measures 17cm in diameter and 13cm tall, enough to fit two or three bras into one bag
RM6 each

All five sold

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