Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nail Foil

How to put them on:

Please click to enlarge the thumbnail for a clearer look of the designs available :)

Each pack comes with two pairs of eight different sizes. If your nails are not super long, one pack can easily last for two or three manicures!

They would be RM15 a packet.
Get free postage via Pos Ekspres if you purchase three or more packs :D

Design A (Purple on blue posies)
Design B (Silver on black skulls)
Design C (Black on silver tribal design)
Design D (Black on silver skulls)
Design F (Red on silver lips)
Design G (White on gold stars)
Design H (Plain gold)
Design J (Plain silver)
Design K (Red on yellow leopard spots)
Design L (Red on silver Canada inspired design)
Design M (Black on light gold checks)
Design N (Black on silver checks)
Design O (Zebra stripes)
Design P (Snow leopard spots)
Design Q (Silver on read hearts)
Design R (Floral)

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