Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Earrings Galore!

ASOS Inspired Snake Cuff Earring
Please note that to secure it in, you still need to have a pierced ear. *le sigh*
Approx 6.5cm tall

Sun's Tears
RM10 a pair
Please note that it's free hanging, not one solid piece
Approx 4.5cm long

Aztec Square
RM8 a pair
Approx 3.5cm long

Stone Ear Studs
RM5 a pair
Approx 2cm long

Colors available:
Coral Pink

Forever 21 Flowers & Pearls Earring Studs
RM15 for all three pairs.
Mumsy didn't like them *le sigh again*
Approx 0.5cm to 1.75cm long

Acrylic Rose
RM5 a pair
Approx 3cm long

Metal Daisies
RM5 a pair
Approx 2.5cm long

Union Jack
RM5 a pair
Two available
Approx 0.5cm wide

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