Thursday, March 1, 2012

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Sprays Spree

13th Mar: Sprays have been shipped out!
26th Mar: One order's here, another one more on it's way!
2nd April: The second and final order is supposed to reach us by today :)
6th April: Everything is here safe and sound!

Everyone (well, almost everyone) knows of Urban Decay. Did you know about Skindinavia though?

Skindinavia's the company that produces the setting sprays for Urban Decay, who then repackages them and sells them to us.

Well, why not go straight to the source? Especially since for now until 19th Feb 15th March, Skindinavia's offering free international shipping for purchases of $40 and above :D

So, anyone wants to hop in and hitch a ride with our order? We would be placing orders once $40 is reached, so the faster you order, the faster you'll get your spray :D

Do note that as there's no international shipping to pay, and also no concierge service to pay (we'll be ordering directly from Skindinavia ourselves :D) we're only charging for the item itself and a small service fee :) As these will be heavy to ship, we would like to apologize for we won't be providing the free postage via Pos Laju for purchases of RM100 and above, but it will be via Registered Post/e-Parcel instead.

The Original Makeup Finishing Spray
No More Shine Makeup Setting Spray
10 Years Younger Makeup Finish
Moisture Lock Makeup Finish
2oz bottle $19 = RM71
4oz bottle $29 = RM103
8oz bottle $39 = RM135

Bridal Makeup Finish (only 4oz size available) $29 = RM103

Professional Makeup Artist Kit $89 = RM295
One 8oz bottle each of the No More Shine, Original and 10 Years Younger Sprays

Spree details:
Each batch will close once $40 is reached
Last batch will close by 29th Feb15th March 2012
ETA: 3-4 weeks
Deposit required: 50% of item cost

Order details:
Shela (Delivered)
No More Shine Makeup Setting Spray 8oz bottle $39 = RM135
Nyx Concealer in a Jar - Fair = RM20 (From Leap Year Sale)
Subtotal: RM155
Postage: Pos Laju = Free (Special condition)
Total: RM155
Payment: RM155 received
Postal details: Received

Books Lover
No More Shine Makeup Setting Spray 4oz bottle $29 = RM103
Subtotal: RM103
Postage: Pos Laju = RM6
Total: RM109
Payment: RM50 received, RM59 pending
Postal details: Received

No More Shine Makeup Setting Spray 4oz bottle $29 = RM103
Subtotal: RM103
Postage: Unknown
Total: RM103 + postage
Payment: RM100 received, RM3 + postage pending
Postal details: Received

Gerrine (Order arrived)
The Original Makeup Finishing Spray 2oz bottle $19 = RM71
Subtotal: RM71
Postage: To combine with Cherry Culture
Total: RM71
Payment: RM71 received
Postal details: Received

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keisyark said...

Hi do u still takes order for this product especially d finishing spray?

Flie said...

@keisyark Sorry dear, but we aren't.