Friday, February 3, 2012

Random ELF Palettes

Essentials Eye Shadow Palette
New and boxed - RM20 each

Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette
RM32 each
- Original (no longer on the website) (Two available)
- Warm (Two available)
- Cool x1 (We should have another one coming in as well)

ELF Studio Makeup Clutch

ELF Studio Mini Makeup Collection

ELF Complete The Look Palette
No longer available on the website
(Bottom row are all cheek colors, second and third from bottom all lip colors and the rest are eyeshadows)


josarine said...

I don't like you guys for this post! Cause it makes me wanna buy but I have no money now. Hahaha... Love your blogshop. :)

Syiok Sendiri Sisters said...

@Josarine: aiya don't liddat, can join our sprees next time! Prices will generally be cheaper during sprees as well one :D

cass said...

is it possible that ELF Studio Makeup Clutch to be restock?

Syiok Sendiri Sisters said...

@Cass: Yes it is possible, but we're sorry, we won't be bringing in more Readystock ELF items anytime soon :( Need to clear stock first T.T