Monday, November 14, 2011

Ring-a-ling-ding, Part 3

RM10 for one.
RM8 each if you buy three or more.
Get free postage via Registered Post if you buy five or more.
Promo prices will be valid for all rings in our Ring-a-ling-ding posts :D

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand drumroll please....

There are no more rings :( But there will be necklaces! Soon, we promise!

Fox Ears
Inner diameter is approximately 1.7CM

Gold (Two available, one sold)
Silver (Two available)

I Shot The Sherrif
Inner diameter is approximately 1.6CM
Hat is about 1CM high, 2.5CM brim to brim

Inner diameter is approximately 1.6CM
Row of hearts is 6CM long

Flight of Fancy

Ring bit is in an oval shape, because of the wing bit, and measures either 1.4CM or 2CM in diameter, depending on which way you measure.
We will be giving a length of elastic thread so you can rethread the ring if the elastic breaks.

Inner diameter is approximately 1.8CM
Owl's face is about 2.5CM long and protrudes by about 1CM

Inner diameter is approximately 1.7CM
Surprise! It's a locket-ring!
Sparrow is kept closed with two medium strength magnets; strong enough to not accidentally flip open yet weak enough so you don't have to break a nail prying it open.

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