Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ELF Sprees Are Closing!

Hey babes!

We've decided to close all ELF sprees by 6th December, regardless of spree cap in order not to delay the packages too long. This means 6th Dec is the day we need to get orders and deposits ya.

For the Studio Spree, the cap has been reached so it is closed for new orders, but may be reopened on the 2nd of Dec as orders without deposit paid will be removed, freeing up some space.

For the Mineral Spree, there's still some space left, so do email us your order ASAP.

For the Essential line and other collections, we will be ordering them together with the Studio/Mineral spree items, so 6th Dec will also be the last day the spree will be closed.

Btw, you have less than 48 hours to join our Giveaway, so hurry! There aren't that many entries (hwaaaiiii la T.T) so you stand a good chance of winning something!

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