Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ELF Spree

The only discount codes we could get were for the Studio and Mineral line, so unfortunately the Essential and new 24K line are without discounts :(

Check out details for the 50% off Minerals spree here or the 50% off Studio line here.

ELF Spree
Closing date: Unknown. First batch will be placed with either the Studio/Mineral Spree order, whichever earlier and the second batch with the other spree order.
Spree cap: No cap
ETA to Malaysia: 4-6 weeks after spree closes (Extra week may be required due to holiday season both in US and Malaysia)
Deposit required: 50% of item costs

Nail polishes can NOT be ordered
Prices for the 24K line items will be quoted upon request (In our opinion, it's not worth paying so much extra just for a slightly prettier packaging =/)

Price guideline:
$1 = RM11

Gem Eyeshadow Brush $4 = RM23
Gem Blending Eye Brush $4 = RM23
Gem Brow Brush $4 = RM23
Gem Eyelash Curler $4 = RM24
Gem Travel Mirror $4 = RM24
Gem Tweezer with Pouch $4 = RM24

Essential Holiday Eyeshadow Palette $3 = RM24

Gem Kabuki Brush $5 = RM27
Gem Powder Brush $5 = RM27
Gem Blush Brush $5 = RM27
Gem Foundation Brush $5 = RM27

Essential Beauty School Beauty Book - Eye Manuals $5 = RM33
Essential Holiday Beauty Eye Books $5 = RM33
Essential Holiday Beauty Face Book $5 = RM33

Essential Little Black Beauty Book $5 = RM38

Essential Holiday Duo Eyeshadow Collection $5 = RM42

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