Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ELF Mineral 50% off Spree Again!

Phew, finally managed to settle things, so we can now open an ELF Spree!

We will be running two separate sprees, one for Studio and another for Minerals to max out savings :D You may place your orders for both together (combining postage for both is ay-oh-kay too of course) but we will be placing two separate orders (One for Studio and one for Minerals) in order to utilize the codes we have (Unfortunately it's only one code per order. Boo! ) so they may not be arriving in Malaysia at the same time.

Check out details for the 50% off Studio spree here or the other undiscounted lines here.

ELF 50% off Mineral Spree
Closing date: Unknown, to be updated when nearing cap
Spree cap: $200 worth of Mineral items
ETA to Malaysia: 4-6 weeks after spree closes (Extra week may be required due to holiday season both in US and Malaysia)
Deposit required: 50% of item costs

Rough price guideline for the Mineral Line:
$3 = RM15
$5 = RM20
$6 = RM23
$8 = RM28

Mineral 4 Piece Bamboo Brush Set $10 = RM38
Mineral 5 Piece Bamboo Brush Set $15 = RM49

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