Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stamping Ink Pads

*Here's a major clue to what we're updating with soon!*

What good are rubber stamps, when you don't have ink pads to color them with!
Good thing we brought some in eh, or we'll be stuck with dreary blue, black and red ink pads by Artline :P

There are 13 shades for you to choose, but only one of each color (except for the Silver and Gold, we have two each!). Our photo doesn't show the exact shade for all, so do refer to our description for a better mental image :)

Each ink pad measures approximately 4cm x 4cm (the usable bit only, if you include the container it'll be 6cm x 6cm) and is only RM5 each!

Colors available :
(From left to right)

Top Row:
Dark Blue (Imagine a darker version of Light Blue)
Light Blue (Kinda like Secondary schoolgirl's pinafore color)
Dark Green (Forest green)
Light Green (Lighter, slightly more neon version of Dark Green)

Second Row:
Hot Pink

Third Row:
Orangey Red
Dark Pink (Imagine a blacked version of the Hot Pink, towards Maroon)
Silver (Both sold)
Gold (Both sold)

Bottom Row:
Dark Brown (Looks almost like black, but not quite)

Please note that for some of the pads (mainly the Golds, the rest look pretty ok), they were too wet and hence some ink spilled out to the sides, within the container, so you'll need to clean it up a little.

P/S: We may be able to restock these, or something similar, so if what you want has been sold, drop us a mail and we'll see what we can do :)

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