Monday, September 26, 2011

BK Crackle Nail Polish Sets

After two long months, we finally have the BK Crackle nail polishes in hand! Yay!

*Above photo is from our supplier*

Each set comes with a white or gold base nail polish (we only have two of the golds FYI, first come first served), one colored crackle nail polish, and a clear topcoat. Each bottle is 7ml, so it's slightly smaller than the usual 10ml BK Crackle polishes.

Some reviews:
All Lacquered Up (She probably used #9)
Erika Jjang (She definitely used #1)
Crackle Dazzle (We don't have this shade :( )
Nihrida (We don't have this either :( )

And here's more pics with similar colors side by side, for comparison :) We couldn't get some of the colors that accurate though, so for more accurate colors please refer to the swatch picture from our supplier instead.

Each set would be RM17 (and no, sorry, we won't be selling individual bottles), but if you buy three or more sets at once it'll be only RM15 a set :D

Shades available:
White base coat: 10 available, 4 sold
Gold base coat: Both sold

Crackle coat:
#1: Black
#2: Lilac
#3 Deep Brown
#4: Blue
#5: Purple
#7: Extra Dark Red
#8: Medium Pink
#9: Dark Green
#10: Light Teal Green
#11: Deep Lavender
#12: Orange
#13: Neon Pink
#14: Green
#15: Red
#18: Baby Pink
#20: Deep Red

Postage would still be the same at RM6 to WM or RM8 to EM for Pos Laju or free for purchases of RM100 and above :) We would prefer to remove the packaging so we can bubblewrap each bottle better, so if you're fine with that, do let us know :)

Do note that for each set, all the base and crackle polish bottles have been opened before, as we needed to check whether the polish were still usable (If you noticed, the missing numbers are because some were dried up and fit only for the rubbish bin T.T). Also, the packaging for a couple sets are damaged, either by crumpling or tearing, so if you mind please do not buy the polishes.

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