Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nyx Almost Readystock Spree Ver 7

Nyx Almost Readystock Spree Ver 7

Spree Details:

Closing on: 8PM, 22nd August 2011
ETA for delivery to you: 26th August 2011 (No guarantees on the items reaching you before Raya, but we will do our best)
Full payment required

Click pics to enlarge! If you'll like to see more swatches, do email us and we'll help as much as we can :)

Nyx Round Lipstick @ RM15 each
LSS522 - Circe
LSS523 - Ulysses x4
LSS538 - Heredes
LSS569 - Snow White x2
LSS588 - Orange Soda x4
LSS590 - Honey x2
LSS597 - Margarita x2
LSS606 - Saturn x5
LSS608 - Perfect x3
LSS611 - Peony x2
LSS614 - Darling x4
LSS623 - Heather x2
LSS629 - Power
LSS633 - Twist x5
LSS641 - Rosebud x4
LSS643 - Femme x4
LSS644 - Spellbound

Nyx Round Lipgloss @ RM15 each
RLG02 - Very Clear
RLG03 - Pink x2
RLG04 - Golden Red
RLG08 - Doll Pink
RLG18 - Frosted Red
RLG21 - Frosted Palm
RLG24 - Cafe Latte x3
RLG31 - Red Tint
RLG35 - Honey x3

Nyx Megashine Lipgloss @ RM24 each
LG122 - Natural
LG133 - Burgundy

Nyx Luscious Lip Palette @ RM30 each
LGP05 - Dance In Africa

Nyx Powder Blush @ RM30 each
PB01 - Mocha
PB02 - Dusty Rose
PB04 - Silky Rose
PB09 - Raisin
PB17 - Dessert Rose
PB23 - Espresso
PB25 - Pinched

Nyx Concealer Jar @ RM28 each
CJ02 - Fair x2
CJ03 - Light
CJ04 - Beige
CJ05 - Medium
CJ11 - Lavender
CJ13 - Orange x2

Nyx Eyeshadow Base @ RM30 each
ESB01 - White

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil @ RM20 each
JEP606 - Baby Blue x2
JEP607 - Horse Raddish
JEP608 - Cottage Cheese x6
JEP612 - Gold
JEP616 - Pacific x2
JEP619 - Rust x2

NYX Single Eyeshadow @ RM25 each
ES03 - Nude
ES09 - Deep Bronze
ES14 - Blondie
ES16 - Copper
ES17 - Walnut
ES21 - Frosted Lilac
ES24 - Herb
ES31 - Lime Green
ES32 - Purple
ES34 - Suede
ES35 - Platinum Pink
ES38 - Cotton Candy
ES39A - Fantasy
ES43 - Yellow
ES45 - Opal
ES104 - Star

Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania @ RM16 each
LP02 - Pearl
LP08 - Baby Blue x2
LP09 - Lime x2
LP11 - Baby Pink
LP12 - Purple x2
LP13 - Sky Pink
LP15 - Lilac x2
LP19 - Mink
LP20 - Mocha x2
LP24 - Penny x2
LP25 - Grass Pearl
LP26 - Yellow
LP29 - True Purple

S109 Smokey Look Kit (Top left) RM40
S109B Bronze Smokey Look Kit (Top right) RM40


Twinx said...

how to order?

SS Sisters said...

@Twinx just drop us an email at :)

Debra Constance said...

Do u have the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in White color?

SS Sisters said...

@Debra Constance: Sorry babe, but the spree is now closed.