Monday, August 15, 2011

Nars 20% off!

Hi babes!

Nars Cosmetics is having a 20% off until the 21st of August!

If you're interested in getting something do email us, and we will get price quotes for you :)

Some prices we already know of:
Nars Lip Gloss $24 = RM90

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation $42 = RM155
Nars Sheer Matte Foundation $42 = RM155

Nars Blush $27 = RM100
Nars Highlighting Blush $27 = RM100
Nars Cream Blush $27 = RM100
Nars Cheek Trio $55 = RM180
(This is the most worth it IMO, especially if you're fair-medium as all the shades should work really well for you, AND it's the three most famous color items from Nars! :D)

Do note that we will require a 50% - 100% deposit, depending on the item(s) cost, resale-bility (yes la we like to create out own words :P) and whether or not you are our usual customers.

ETA roughly 3 weeks from end of sale.

28th August: ROAR why no updates :(

Order list:
Nars Cheek Trio = RM180
Subtotal: RM180
Postage: Pos Laju = Free
Grand total: RM180
Payment: RM180 received
Postal details: Received

Last updated on 19th August 2011 at 6:35PM

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