Thursday, July 21, 2011

Personal Product Review by Wear To!

Wow. Kudos to Wear To for writing such a nice review on the Coastal Scents Brush Guard!

We brought in some extra Brush Guards, so if you want some do drop us an email :)
As of the time of this post, we have the following only:
Blush pack x2 (One sold, last pack left)
Foundation pack x1
Powder/kabuki pack x1

To elaborate on her review,

You don't specifically need an empty bowl. You can just pour a few drops of soap/hold your soap bar on your palm, then swirl the dirty brush around the soap before rinsing clean.

If you have sensitive skin, do not use conditioner! This is because most hair conditioners contain silicone which is a common skin irritant for sensitive skin.

Using conditioner is a waste on synthetic bristles, as the use of conditioner is to smooth down the rough cuticles on hair (in this case, your natural bristle brushes). As synthetic bristles do not have cuticles and is very smooth already to begin with, using conditioner is like watering the garden when it's raining.

Before drying your brushes, remember to reshape the bristles to help it retain the shape.

Remember to wash your brushes frequently. If you use it everyday and/or with liquids and creams, wash it after about 15 uses or 2 weeks. If it's for powder items, or you rarely use your brushes, once a month should suffice.

Spotclean after every use! Spotclean by spraying your brush cleaner on a clean towel or directly on your brushes (see the instructions on your brush cleaner) then wipe your dirty brush on that towel as if you're applying makeup to it (gentle swipes back and forth) until you don't see residue any longer.

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