Saturday, June 25, 2011

Accessories by ASOS and others

ASOS Curb Chain Bracelet with Ribbon and Pearl Charm
Chain is approximately 22cm long by 1cm thick.
Charms drop another 3cm down, while ribbon charm is 2.5cm wide.

ASOS Curb Chain with Hanging Heart
Chain is approximately 19cm long by 0.5cm thick.
Heart charm is about 0.75cm all round.

ASOS Lock Ring with Filigree Band

Lock face is 1" long by 0.7" wide.
Band is 0.5" thick
About Diva's L

ASOS Popup Love Ring

The L pops up by about 0.5"
Size wise it's slightly larger than Diva's L

ASOS Textured Rings
Yellow Gold
Rose Gold
RM12 each
About Diva's L

Acrylic Rose with Diamante Accents
RM10 each

About Diva's L

Wraparound Chunky Ring
About Diva's L

Assorted Mini Hair Clips
RM2 each
Bows are about 1.2" wide, hearts about 0.5" wide, circles about 0.8" wide.
The clips for the bows are 1.5" long, while the ones for the hearts and circles are about 1" long.
All are alligator clips
Only C, E and I available, others are sold

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