Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coastal Scent's Brush Guard Spree Returns!

12th March: US side has gotten enough orders! Spree will be closing on Tuesday, 15th March.
19th March: Whoops, forgot to update :P Spree's closed!
25th March: Guards are in the air!
6th April: Yay brush guards are with us d! Emails have been sent, and fully paid orders will be posted tmrw :)
7th April: All paid orders have been sent out! :D
17th April: Whoops, forgot to update! Spree's completed!

The Brush Guard Spree is now open!

Each pack would cost RM23, and Pos Ekspres would be the most efficient form of postage (1-3 packs = RM3.50, 4 or more = RM4.50)

Click here for more info, and if you're wondering which size would fit your brushes, here's a guideline :D

Raved by peeps like Michelle Phan, Koren, Pursebozz, Jojoba, Joe Blasco and even magazines like Make-Up Artist Magazine!

Variety Pack (RM23):
1 extra small guards
2 small guards
2 medium guards
1 large guards

Shadow/Liner Pack (RM23):
10 extra small guards

Blush Pack (RM23):
8 small guards

Foundation Pack (RM23):
5 medium guards

Powder/Kabuki Pack (RM23):
4 large guards

Individual brush guards will be priced as follows:
1 extra small guard = RM3.00
1 small guard = RM3.60
1 medium guard = RM5.30
1 large guard = RM6.50

Spree details:
Spree cap: 400 packs at US side
ETA: 3-5 weeks after spree closes
Individual's orders will be placed immediately after we receive the 50% deposit.

Order List:
Wear To (Delivered)
Variety Pack = RM23
Subtotal: RM23
Postage: Pos Ekspres = RM3.50
Total: RM26.50
Payment: RM26.50 received
Postal Details: Received

Susan T (Delivered)
Variety Pack = RM23
1 Large guard = RM6.50
2 Extra Small guard = RM3 x2 = RM6
Subtotal: RM35.50
Postage: Pos Ekspres = RM3.50
Total: RM39
Payment: RM39 received
Postal Details: Received

Nor Azlina (Delivered)
Coastal Scents Brush Guard - Variety Pack x2 = RM23 x2 = RM46
Coastal Scents Brush Guard - Foundation Pack = RM23
Subtotal: RM69
Postage: Pos Laju to WM = RM10 (To be combined with Stage Brush Cleaner x4)
Total: RM79
Payment: RM79 received
Postal Details: Received

Vera (Delivered)
Shadow/Liner Pack = RM23
1 small guard = RM3.60
1 medium guard = RM5.30
1 large guard = RM6.50
Subtotal: RM38.40
Postage: Pos Ekspres = RM3
Total: RM41.40
Payment: RM41.40 received
Postal Details: Received

Fieza (Delivered)
Variety Pack (Assembled) = RM23
Subtotal: RM23
Postage: To be combined with other orders
Total: RM23
Payment: RM23 received
Postal Details: Received

Siti Aishah
Variety Pack = RM23
Subtotal: RM23
Postage: Unknown
Total: RM23 + postage
Payment: RM23 + postage pending
Postal Details: Received

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