Saturday, November 6, 2010

How Was everyone's Deepavali?

Us sisters hope everyone had a safe trip, and managed to gorge yourselves on good food!
/me salivates *yummmm*

Just a short note.. the Nyx Almost Readystock Spree Ver 5's closing date has been brought up to the 9th, 8PM. If our supplier can be speedy, and there's no delay with Pos Malaysia, we might be able to post items out on that Friday (the 12th) itself :D

Also, we most probably won't be having the Ecotools & Essence of Beauty Brush Spree any longer. After getting some feedback from others, we suspect our supplier was lying to us when the said the brushes were original. Although we already have the Ecotools brushes with us (we bought to test) and they seemed original to us, we unfortunately do not have the confirmed original brushes with us to compare. =(

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