Saturday, October 23, 2010

Important Announcement: Technical Difficulties

Hi everyone. This is Flie's friend here, saying that Flie's computer have been crashing non-stop, so Syiok Sendiri Sisters will be having a hard time replying emails.

She will be able to do so by Monday at least (she can use the university's PC lab), but she asked me to make a few announcements:

Seamless panties preorder: Almost everyone's orders are complete. Only the bulk order gal (she said you'll know who you are?) will not have enough nude pieces, while the late couple of orders might not be complete (she didn't write it down, so she needs to access the email/her PC to check first). For the completed orders, Flie would be posting them out on Monday as promised.

Nyx Almost Readystock Spree: Since Flie can't access her PC for now, she is putting the spree on hold first. Hopefully she can get her PC fixed soon.

If there's anything very urgent, you can text Flie at *number removed*. Remember to tell her who you are as well.

Update (26th Oct): Hi all! Flie here :) I managed to temporarily fix my PC, so even though it does get screwy every now and then, I should be able to reply emails within 24 hours (though no more 6 hour replies T.T). Hence, Nyx Almost Readystock Spree is back on track :)

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