Thursday, September 30, 2010

Syiok Sendiri Stuff

Hi y'all! Flie here :) I was window shopping for stuff to cheer Mouzzie up, and I couldn't resist getting extras when I saw these! Uber cuteness!!! *squeals*

S0001: Rabbit Easel
RM15 each

All three Sold

Chalkboard area : 11CM x 6CM
Entire thing laid flat : 17.5CM x 7CM
Eraser : 4.5CM x 3XM x 1.6CM thick (including the handle)

Please note that the 3 pieces of chalk included would most probably break in transit. Not for those who mind.

S0002: Chalk Note
RM5 each

All 7 Sold

Chalkboard area: 6CM x 4CM
Entire thing laid flat: 7CM x 7.5CM

S0003: Cable Ties

RM5 each

Quantities available:
A - Pink Dog: 2 available
B - Brown dachshund: Both sold
C - White Polar Bear: Both sold
D - Pink Ninja: 2 sold, 7 available

Varies between designs

S0004: Power Up Cellphone Hanger

RM4 each

Quantities available:
A - Dark Pink: 3 available
B - Yellow: 2 available
C - Light Pink: 3 available
D - Light Blue: 3 available
E - Green: 2 available

Approximately 4CM in diameter (excluding strap)

Please note that there might be slight imperfections in the dots (e.g. misaligned at the sewn area). Not for those who mind.

S0005: Fukurou

RM10 each

Quantities Available: One Each
A - Pink and Green
B - Green and Black
C - Blue and Purple
D - Yellow and Orange
E - Yellow and Pink
F - Pink and Red

6CM (wing to wing) x 3.5CM + 9CM long (cloth strap)

S0006: Finger Fauna

RM4 each, five for RM18

Quantities Available: One Each
A - Bunny
B - Duck
C - Teddy
D - Frog
E - Mouse
F - Elephant
G - Dog
H - Cow
I - Hippo
J - Panda

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