Friday, August 27, 2010

Sleek Cosmetics Spree

(This post has been brought up for promotion purposes)

Update: Spree has been canceled as it's too hard to get enough orders.

Hi there girly girls!

Sleek Cosmetics has a new Limited Edition i-Divine palette (Circus), so we thought hey, why not run a spree? :D

For those who are wondering What's Sleek? Well, here are some reviews from bloggers around the world. :D

Cosmetic Candy
Lip Glossiping
Beautiful With Brains
Do Not Refreeze

This is just a drop in the ocean. Google Sleek and you'll get soooo many reviews!

In a nutshell, Sleek Cosmetics is a famous both in UK and elsewhere for their awesome eye shadows and foundations. Their focus are on darker skinned ladies, hence the greater pigmentation for many of their items.

Original i-Divine

Chaos i-Divine

Storm i-Divine

Acid i-Divine

Sunset i-Divine
(The above swatch photos belong to

And the limited edition,
Circus i-Divine
(The above photo belongs to
Update: Circus is no longer available at the site.

Granted not all the shades in the palettes are great, but hey, 1 or 2 misses for a whole lot of gorgeous, nvm la kan? :P

Uber soft* and silky feel with great pigmentation (most of them, anyway), for a super cheap price!
RM60 per palette divided 12 shades per palette = RM5 per colour only!

Where else are you going to get RM5 eyeshadows, other than Elianto? (and we all know how chalky and crappy most of those are)

Spree details:
Sleek Cosmetics Spree
Closing date: Unknown for now
Spree cap: $100
Deposit required: 50%

i-Divine palettes $10 = RM60 each
Crème To Powder Foundation Tester Kit $3.50 = RM24 each
New Skin Revive Foundation Tester Kit $3.50 = RM24 each
Kajal $8 = RM48
Pout Polish $9 = RM55

*Because the eyeshadows are so soft, there's a chance that there might be some shades that would arrive shattered due to postal handling. As far as I know, Sleek will replace broken palettes, but that means you'll have to wait to get the replacement and if required, pay for the shipping to US. Alternatively, I can repress the shadow for you :D

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