Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emergency Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of replies. There has been an emergency in the family, and we sisters are not available at this moment.

For the LA Colors Almost Readystock spree, our supplier have already posted the parcel to us. We are waiting to know when we'll be able to get home to schedule the re-delivery. If *touch wood* we are unable to post the items out before Raya, we would offer a full refund to anyone who wants it.

For the Seamless panties, we are going to try to reply everyone's emails tonight, but please accept our apologies if we are unable to do so. Having been awake for more than 36 hours = hard to keep track of stuff.

For other Readystock items which have been paid for but we have not posted out yet, please do not worry. We would post them out latest by this Monday.

Once again, we're sorry :(

Update: We're back! Not to full 100% capacity yet, but only on the updates and postage side.

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