Friday, July 9, 2010

Nyx Almost Readystock ver 4 : Update!

Hey all!

We would be closing our Nyx Almost Readystock ver 4 earlier than previously stated (From the 18th to the 13th of July) so we can get everyone's stuff posted out by that Friday :)

Also, our supplier just got another package and so yay! for us, more stuff!

Do check out for the most updated list of what's available :)

Other than some new shades for stuff like the Jumbo Eye Pencils or the Round Lipstick, there are also some brand new items!

For example,

Megashine Lipgloss @ RM24 each

NYX Luscious Lip Palette @ RM30 each

NYX Concealer Jar @ RM28 each

Not all shades are available, so do check out for the list :)

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