Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Forever 21 Imports

After a long plane ride from the other side of the world, a quick photo shoot and a little time to rest, here they are in all their glory!

They are all sold out online, so here's your very last chance to get your hands on them!

Additional photos will be provided upon request, including print screen proof if you doubt the items are from Forever 21. We would love to include the permalink to the item, but unfortunately they have all been removed from the website as they are all sold out.

R0022: Forever21 Glitzy Tiger Ring

Do take note that the ring is not adjustable. We can do CODs so you can try out the size, but we will charge for transport fees + RM2 for our time if you do not want it in the end.

HA0031: Forever21 Leatherette Headband

HA0032: Forever21 Square Jeweled Bobby Pins
RM8 each

B0006 and B0007 : Forever21 Girl Tote #1: Ribboned
RM35 each

B0008: Forever21 Girl Tote #2: Shades

Please note that the measurements for the two different patterned bags are slightly different.

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