Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quick Quick Nyx Almost Readystock Spree

Yay! My Malaysian supplier bought some bundles during the Nyx Bundle Sale, and she's selling them for a reduced price too! :D We (well, Flie) wants to get some stuff, so we're opening a quick spree to make the postage worth it :D

Spree details:
Almost Readystock Spree ver 3: Nyx
Closing date: 17th May, 2010 at 10PM
ETA: Items should reach us by the 19th of May

Here's what available:
Nyx Chrome Eyeshadow: RM12 each
(See swatches here. Do note that the one from the Bundle sale is the old Square Jar packaging)

I also have some 5g jars with sifters available for RM2.50 each. Quantities limited though.

The following are available:
CES01 - Platinum
CES04 - Misty
CES06 - Goddess
CES08 - Embellish
CES14 - Charcoal
CES15 - Orange
CES18 - Oro
CES20 - Lilac
CES24 - Ocean Blue
CES27 - Queen
CES29 - Princess
CES32 - Amethyst
CES34 - Bayou
CES35 - Apricot
CES37 - Sunshine
CES40 - Light Pink
CES41 - Beanie
CES42 - Violet
CES43 - Golden Peach
CES46 - Antique
CES48 - Java
CES51 - Sand
CES52 - Beauty Queen
CES53 - Oatmeal
CES57 - Mimosa
CES58 - Lemon Drop
CES59 - 3 Wise Men


Nyx Ultimate Pearl: RM15 each
(See swatches here. Do note that the ones in the Bundle Sale are the older formulation)

The following are available:
All sold
Nyx Fabulous Lashes: RM13 each pair
(These are good stuff! I own Angelic and Blue Birdie :D Am gonna be getting Vinyl myself so.. :P)

(See how pretty? <3<3)

The following are available:

EL104 - Elite
EL108 - Breeze
EL118 - Rumor
EL122 - Mod Squad
EL129 - Extreme Measures
EL131 - Capture
EL132 - Vegas Babe
EL134 - Vinyl (I am reserving this for myself, will only let go to past clients)
EL136 - Blue Birdie
EL137 - Flare Lash Short
EL138 - Flare Lash Medium
EL139 - Flare Lash Long
EL140 - Individual Bottom Lash

(Click to enlarge)
Nyx Round Lipstick: RM15 each
(View swatches here)

The following are available:

LSS522 - Circe x 5
LSS566 - Decadent
LSS579 - Margarita x 2
LSS590 - Honey
LSS595 - Strawberry Milk x 8
LSS604 - Jupiter x 3
LSS608 - Perfect
LSS628 - Tea Rose x 6
LSS644 - Spellbound
Nyx Round Lipgloss: RM15 each
(Have been discontinued)

The following are available:

RLG04 - Golden Red
RLG08 - Doll Pink
RLG15 - Baby Pink x 3
RLG16 - Deep Red
RLG24 - Cafe Latte
RLG27 - Vampy Red
RLG33 - 24 Karet

Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania: RM16 each
See swatches here

I also have some 5g jars with sifters available for RM2.50 each. Quantities limited though.

The following are available:
LP02 - Pearl x 2
LP03 - White
LP06 - Black Pearl
LP08 - Baby Blue
LP09 - Lime
LP11 - Baby Pink
LP12 - Purple
LP13 - Sky Pink
LP18 - Orange
LP20 - Mocha
LP22 - Rust
LP23 - Walnut
LP24 - Penny
LP25 - Grass Pearl
LP26 - Yellow Pearl


Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil: RM20 each
See swatches here
The following are available:

JEP601 - Black Bean x 6
JEP605 - Strawberry Milk
JEP606 - Baby Blue
JEP607 - Horse Raddish
JEP608 - Cottage Cheese x 15
JEP609 - French Fries
JEP610 - Oyster
JEP611 - Yogurt x 2
JEP613 - Lime
JEP614 - Lavender
JEP616 - Pacific
JEP621 - Hot Pink
JEP622 - Yellow
JEP624 - Cherry

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