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Makeup Mania Spree!

18th May: US side placed order with retailer.
29th May: Everything except La Femme items are with our US side. MUM backordered them, so our US side will be waiting for them to restock the La Femme items and send over to them (they were told items will be restocked this week), before posting our order to Malaysia. Do expect a delay.
9th June: Cross your fingers and hope the La Femme stuff have been posted out d to our US side. T.T The retailer said they did, but did not provide a tracking number :(
16th June: #^%^@$%!#%!!!!!!! Makeup Mania DIDN'T send my US side the stuff. The email they finally replied said that they are still waiting for 2 more blushes to be restocked (US side's other orders) before posting them out to us. Have already sent our US side an email to discuss what to do about our order >:(
17th July: For shiiiiiteeeeessss gah! This is the last time we would deal with Syiok Sendiri Sisters AND that US person. First they said these MUM stuff are included in our incoming parcel, but once we opened it, guess what. NO MUM. We are soo appreciating the customer service from the other two US companies. As well as to Idda for her patience and trust :)
August: Yeap, because of shoddy service from Make Up Mania this spree is officially closed only in August. No points for guessing who's going on the blacklist.

First, some bad news.
There wasn't anyone in my home this morning, so Pos Malaysia couldn't deliver my three parcels :(

Now the good news.
The three parcels should be for Nars, Urban Decay and ELF Studio items!

Since the post office won't be open during this weekend, I'll be collecting it on Monday :D Gimme some time to check and repack everything, and I would be able to post out orders on Wednesday and Thursday! Weee!

On to other news :D Spree!

Now, this is one website that rarely comes up because this website is catered more for the Theater and Costume makeup, rather than your usual everyday makeup. Hence, the lines they carry are generally more rare and pricey than normal items. But, do expect more pigmentation and staying power because hey, if you're on stage you won't have time to touch up right?

The few of brands most popular? Ben Nye, Cinema Secrets, Kyrolan and La Femme.

Ben Nye, Cinema Secrets and Kyrolan are staples in the Theater industry, especially for their foundations and concealers, as well as their effect-makeup (e.g. creating scars, bruises, amputated hand)

La Femme on the other hand, would probably be most famous for their blushes! Honestly, I can't think of a shade they DON'T have. :D

Most items in the site need the price quoted, but here's what we know so far. Drop us an email for any inquires =)

P/S: Do note that I can't personally speak for the brands other than La Femme, though I have done my fair share of research on those brands. I can only afford La Femme's blush T.T

La Femme Blush on Rouge $3 RM25 each (Pan alone will be RM23 each, but US side advised against it as the retailer won't bubblewrap the items)

(Check out swatches here and here)

Bent Liner Brush $4.75 RM33
La Femme Sparkle Dust (Loose eyeshadow) $4.25 = RM31
Graftobian - Hi-Def Glamour Creme Foundation $9 = RM56
Ben Nye Tattoo Cover $7 = RM47
(Check out Koren's Youtube vid on covering pockmarks with this! HG!)

Spree details:
Makeup Mania Spree
Closing on: Exact date unknown, no spree cap set. Estimated closing date 15th May
ETA: Early to mid June
Deposit required: 75% of item cost

Love, Flie

Order List:

Fify (Refunded - To email once item is in our hands)
Ben Nye Tattoo Cover in NT-2 $7 = RM47
Postage: Pos Ekspres = RM3.50
Total: RM50.50
Payment: RM50.50 received
Postal details: Received

La Femme Blush on Rouge in Peach Sparkle $3 = RM25
Postage: Combine with NPB 20% off spree
Total: RM25
Payment: RM25 received + excess RM6.90
Postal details: Received

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