Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coastal Scents 15% off Storewide Spree! Order Details

3rd May: Spree closed, order sent to US Side.
25th May: Finally we get an update :/ Items are with our US side, and they are posting the palettes out within the week.
27th May: Stuff's on a plane somewhere over the ocean :)
4th June: Hmm the parcel should be close to home now :( I hope there isn't any problems :(
9th June: Still no news. :( Worst case scenario = package lost. T.T Let's hope it's just stuck at Customs :/
15th June: Phew memang pun stuck at Customs. Got the slip today. Going to try and settle everything by this week.
19th June: The babies are in our arms d :D And yay! not a single crack! =D
21st June: Palettes posted out :D Another spree officially overrr :)

Coastal Scents 15% off Spree
Spree details:
Closing date: 3rd May 10PM or until US side reaches cap of $100
ETA: 4 weeks after spree closes

Price calculation (Please wait for us to confirm before payment):
Brushes and samples: ( USD X 1.3 X 3.5 X 0.85 ) + RM4.00 = RM
Palettes and sets: ( USD X 1.3 X 3.5 X 0.85 ) + RM20.00 = RM
Final price will be rounded to nearest 10 sen

Order list
(Delivered - CD160998595MY)
88 Piece Makeup Palette x2 = RM93.30 x2 = RM186.60
Postage: e- Parcel = Free
Total: RM186.60
Payment: RM186.60 received
Postal details: Received

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