Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Urban Decay Spree is ON!

20th April: Order placed with Urban Decay and is processing.
24th April: Items have been posted out by Urban Decay to our US Side.
29th April: Items have reached our US side.
5th May: Items are on their way to Malaysia (Currently in transit in HK)
7th May: Egads, there wasn't anyone home to collect the parcel! Studio items are currently with Pos Malaysia, will be collecting them on MONDAY! =D Woot can you imagine my glee when notices for THREE parcels came? (For UD, Nars and ELF Studio :D)
10th May: Items are here! Woot! Do expect an email from us by tonight :) Posting days will be tmrw (unconfirmed), Wednesday and Thursday (confirmed)
12th May: Spree items delivered, spree officially closed! Thanks everyone!

Wee! Urban Decay has announced their Friends and Family spree!

They are giving 30% off this time, and although the Alice in Wonderland palette is not available (Boo! D=) there are still many others available like

Hall of Fame $23 --> RM90 (Absolute STEAL!)

Eyeshadow Primer Potion $18 (Sin and Original available) --> RM69
XL Primer Potion $23 (Sin and Original available) --> RM84
Eyeshadow Primer Potion Duo $26 --> RM106

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil $17 --> RM62.40
24/7 Sets $20 --> RM72
24/7 Duo With Grindhouse $29 --> RM100

Limited Duo $14 --> RM62
Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner $18 --> RM66

Cream Eyeshadow $17 --> RM63
Show Pony Shadow Box $30 --> RM112
Wallpaper Shadow Box $36 --> RM131
Skull Shadow Box $36 --> RM131
Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box $36 --> RM131
Sustainable Shadow Box $36 --> RM131
Deluxe Shadow Box $38 --> RM137

Both our US sides are taking orders for this, but sale spots are limited in both, so we will first place orders with our ELF Studio person, until that fills up. The remaining orders will be placed with our ELF Minerals person. So,

Urban Decay 30% off Spree
Closing date: 18th April or earlier
ETA: Early to Mid May for both US sides.
Minimum deposit required: 80% of item costs

Order list:
Afeera (Delivered May 12th - ED850727331MY)
Hall of Fame = RM90
Postage: Pos Laju = RM8
Total: RM98
Payment: RM98 received
Postal details: Received

Hall of Fame = RM90
Postage: Unknown
Total: RM90 + postage
Payment: Pending
Postal details: Pending

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