Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spree Announcement

As you all know, we are placing spree orders under two different US peeps:

Peep A:
Urban Decay Friends & Family Sale (Order list is here)
ELF Studio 50% off (Order list is here)

Peep B:
ELF Minerals 50% off (Order list is here)
ELF Sugar Kiss 75% off (Order list is here)
ELF Professional Revised Rate (Order list is here)

Now, here are the changes.

Peep A is bringing forward the closing dates, but they still need to meet the minimum requirement for the Urban Decay spree, so now BOTH sprees have been moved to Last Call status. This means the sprees will close at any moment. For those with orders in these two sprees, we advise you to confirm your order and pay the deposit ASAP so we may place your order immediately.

As for Peep B, the ELF Professional Revised Rate spree has been closed, but for ease of calculations we will leave the prices as they are. The Minerals and Sugar Kiss sprees on the other hand have been extended for an unknown period of time as the orders they received have not reached the cap. So, we will be extending the sprees as well, and will update on the closing date as soon as we get the confirmed closing date.

P/S: We have been getting a few emails about getting the Nyx and LA Colors Almost Readystock items. If you are interested, please drop us an email. If we can get minimum 10 items ordered, we will run a mini-spree for you. Do note that the item availability for Nyx would have changed as stocks come in and out, so if you're interested we will send you the full list of what's available.

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