Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nyx Lot Sales!

Woohoo! Nyx is going to have their Lot Sales again starting this 22nd!

Every year or so, Nyx packages huge lots to sell for deeply discounted prices. The thing is, the lots are limited, and you have to get a HUGE bunch of stuff. If you're a newbie to Nyx, this sale isn't for you but if you're a hard core fan, it's time to BUY BUY BUY!

My US side is waiting for the sale to start to get the prices, so if any of you gals are interested do drop us an email with your handphone number. This time round. there are only 1000 pax per lot, so do expect everything to run out really really quick!

Here's all the details we have so far (click to enlarge):

Once the sale period starts, Nyx will be updating this page so check it on the 22nd (remember, 22nd US time!) for more info!

Update: The Sale will only be starting at midnight tonight (22nd) Malaysian time, so for those who've requested, we'll be emailing the prices as soon as we can :)

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