Friday, April 23, 2010

Nyx Bundle Sale Has Started!

Nyx Bundle Sale
Ends May 4th
Each spree batch will close once my US side gets $160 worth of items, as there are only 1000 lots of each Bundle.
Minimum deposit required = 80% of item cost
Free postage via Registered Post or Pos Laju! (We will choose according to the size/location of the package)

Note that this sale will take a much longer time to process by Nyx (14-30 days) so it is not for those who can not wait or do not trust us sisters. There will also be a very high possibility that the parcels will get stopped at Customs and taxed due to the high volume. Syiok Sendiri Sisters will be paying for the tax, but we can't do anything to get Customs to work faster.

Prices are higher than our usual as Nyx Cosmetics will hike up their shipping and handling rates during sales (GRRR!) and the high cost for international shipping.

Bundle #1: 33 Nyx Lips for $26.40 = RM317

Bundle #2: 17 Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow for $23.80 = RM166 (Anyone wants to share with us? You get to choose the shades =D)

Bundle #3: 23 Fabulous Lashes for $20.70 = RM221

Bundle #4: 16 Glitter Mania Jumbo Penci
l $9.60 = RM138

Bundle #5: 16 Glitter On The Go $19.20 = RM231

Bundle #6: 55 Chrome Eyeshadow $55.00 = RM530 (Anyone wants to share with us? You get to choose the shades =D)

Bundle #7: 18 Round Lipstick and 6 Jumbo Pencil $19.20 = RM231

Bundle #8: 11 Nail Polish & 12 Brush-On Gloss $18.20 = RM221

Bundle #9: 53 Round Lip Sticks for $42.40 = RM509

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