Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nyx and ELF Almost Readystock Spree ver. 2

To accomodate our darling gals, we are going to run another Almost Readystock spree.
This time, it'll be Nyx and ELF items!

This spree will be a little different from others though.

As our Malaysian Nyx supplier charges a fairly high flat rate postage, we will be closing the spree three days AFTER we received deposits for at least 15 items. This is to make the postage rate worth paying for and to ensure there aren't back out buyers as well as to give the rest time to pay the deposit :)

We would post out items in about a week after this spree closes. Prices will be the same as our previous Almost Readystock spree :D

As usual, there are multiple items available for certain shades, and the item will go to the first one who paid the deposit.

The details:
Nyx Almost Readystock Spree ver. 2
Closing date: Monday, 26th April 2010 at 8PM
ETA: To post out to everyone on 3rd May (hopefully earlier)
Deposit required: 50% of total order excluding postage
Check out your orders here

Orders will be placed with our supplier once we get the deposit so they will reserve it for us =D
Orders that have been paid for can NOT be changed!

If there are anyone who wants help in depotting the Jumbo Eye or Lip pencils, our supplier is offering their services for free. you just have to pay for the RM1 for the jar they will use (which is very good quality btw). If there is anyone who wants to use this service, there will be a delay of 2 days in the ETA.

For gals who ordered stuff from us from the previous sprees, you may opt to consolidate shipping with those spree items so you don't have to pay for postage again :)

Items currently available (Updated 24rd April 2010 at 12:21AM)
Please disregard the availability info in the pics, they are not up to date.
Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania - RM16 each (These rock! Small package but there's a LOT of product inside (5g . Will fill a 20g sifter jar until almost to the brim!)
LP01 - Nude
LP02 - Pearl
LP04 - Silver
LP05 - Charcoal
LP06 - Black
LP08 - Baby Blue x2
LP09 - Lime
LP10 - Ocean Blue
LP12 - Purple
LP13 - Sky Pink
LP14 - Turquoise
LP15 - Lilac
LP17 - Yellow Gold
LP18 - Orange
LP19 - Mink
LP21 - Oro
LP22 - Rust
LP25 - Grass x2
LP26 - Yellow
LP27 - Very Pink
LP30 - Jade x2

Nyx Round Lipstick - RM15 each
LSS510 - Echo
LSS523 - Ulysses
LSS529 - Thalia x 2
LSS533 - Calisto
LSS534 - Celene
LSS543 - Hebe x 5
LSS550 - Indian Pink x 4
LSS566 - Decadent
LSS567 - Cinnamon Sugar
LSS569 - Snow White x 3
LSS576 - Frosted Flakes
LSS579 - Margarita x 2
LSS582 - Frosted Beige
LSS590 - Honey x 3
LSS600 - Mute
LSS603 - Tea
LSS604 - Jupiter x 5
LSS605 - Mars x 5
LSS606 - Saturn x 2
LSS611 - Peony
LSS614 - Darling x2
LSS617 - Summer Love x 3
LSS620 - Paris x 4
LSS621 - Milan x 2
LSS623 - Heather x 5
LSS629 - Power
LSS631 - Gem
LSS633 - Twist x2
LSS634 - Louisiana
LSS637 - Rose
LSS635 - Doll
LSS640 - Fig x 3
LSS641 - Rose Bud x 2
LSS644 - Spellbound

Nyx Round Lip Gloss - RM15 each
RLG01 - True Red
RLG02 - Very Clear
RLG04 - Golden Red x 2
RLG16 - Deep Red
RLG18 - Frosted Red
RLG20 - Kiss
RLG24 - Cafe Latte
RLG27 - Vampy Red
RLG28 - Whipped
RLG30 - Sorbet
RLG31 - Red Tint
RLG32 - Soup of Opera
RLG33 - 24 Karet
RLG35 - Honey
RLG36 - Ballerina Pink

Nyx Lip Balm - RM14 each
LB02 - Peach
LB04 - Coconut
LB07 - Orange
LB08 - Cherry
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil - RM20 each
JEP601 - Black Bean x 8
JEP602 - Dark Brown
JEP606 - Baby Blue
JEP609 - French Fries
JEP610 - Oyster
JEP611 - Yogurt
JEP614 - Lavender x2
JEP617 - Iced Mocha
JEP620 - Bronze
JEP621 - Hot Pink
JEP622 - Yellow
JEP623 - Orange
JEP624 - Cherry x2

Other items available:
NYX Brush On Gloss - RM16 each
BG109 - Mutual Love
BG112 - Fusion
BG113 - Whip Cream
(Code unknown) - Taupe

NYX Cupcake Lipgloss - RM13

NYX Long Lip Pencil - RM15 each
LPL09 - Dark Brown

NYX Concealer Jar - RM28 each
CJ02 - Fair
CJ03 - Light
CJ04 - Beige

NYX Eyeshadow Base - RM30 each
ESB02 - Pearl
ESB03 - Skin Tone

NYX Liquid Eyeliner - RM24 each
LE03 - Silver x 3

NYX Candy Glitter Liner - RM22 each
CGL06 - Hot Yellow
CGL05 - Lavender
CGL01 - Hot Pink

NYX Lips - RM17 each, buy 5 free 1
BL01 - Narcissus
BL02 - Frosted Flakes
BL03 - Clio
BL04 - Sierra
BL05 - Ares
BL06 - Mauve
BL07 - Hermes
BL10 - Espresso
BL11 - Indian Pink
BL12 - Sky Pink
BL13 - Electra
BL14 - Hot Cocoa
BL15 - Thalia
BL16 - Frosted Beige
BL17 - Chloe
BL18 - Stone
BL19 - Terra Cotta
BL20 - Kona Coffee
BL21 - Galaxy
BL22 - Iced Lavender
BL23 - Violet Ray
BL24 - Athena
BL25 - Brown Sugar
BL26 - Eros
BL27 - Aphrodite
BL28 - Opal
BL29 - Golden Luster
BL30 - Pecan
BL31 - Harmonica
BL32 - Rapture
BL33 - Luster
BL36 - Iced Honey
BL38 - Champagne
BL39 - Rea
BL40 - Cocoa
BL41 - Apollo
BL42 - Pinto Bean
BL44 - Earth Angel
BL45 - Iced Latte
BL46 - Cinnamon Sugar
BL47 - Topaz
BL48 - Baby
BL49 - Love Angel
BL50 - OH!
BL51 - Bravo
BL52 - Peach Love
BL53 - Shakira
BL54 - Bare
BL55 - Glamour
BL56 - Glory
BL57 - Foxy
BL58 - Twig
BL59 - America
BL60 - Spoiled

ELF $1 Professional Line (RM11.50 each)
Luscious Lipstick:
- Brownie Points
- Maple Sugar
- Bark
- Caramel Candy
- Cherry Tart
- Ruby Slipper

Super Glossy Lip Shine:
- Pink Kiss
- Watermelon
- Honey Do
- Mauve Luxe

All Over Color Stick:
- Permission
- Golden Peach

Duo Cream Eyeshadow:
- Eggplant
- Sugar Cookie

Shimmering Facial Whip:
- Pink Lemonade
- Citrus

- Brow Comb & Brush x2
- Eyeliner Brush
- Lip Defining Brush

- Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo in Black
- Liquid Eyeshadow in Berrylicious
- Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 in Honey (Tone 2)
- Nail Polish in Bubble Gum Pink
- Feather Proof Eyeliner in Coffee

ELF $3 Studio Line (RM19 each)
Studio Lip Stain:
- Birthday Suit
- Heart Breaker

Brushes: (Brand new but without case)
- Powder Brush x2
- Angled Foundation Brush x2
- Fan Brush x2
- Concealer Brush x2
- Small Angled Brush x2
- Small Smudge Brush
- Small Precision Brush

Eyebrow Treat & Tame:
- Medium
- Dark

Single Eyeshadow:
- Coffeebean
- Saddle

Cream Eyeliner:
- Coffee
- White

- Peachy Keen
- Berry Merry
- Mellow Mauve
- Tickled Pink

- Pressed Powder in Buff
- High Definition Powder (RM35)
- Make Up Artist's Tool Belt (RM93)

5g clear jars without sifter - RM1 each


vanessarm818 said...

Hi,was wondering if you still have the NYx lip lipsticks for sale? Wld love to buy some. Thanks. Xoxo

SS Sisters said...

@vanessarm818 we only have Circe readystock atm :( No worries though, we'll be having a Nyx Almost Readystock Spree soon :) Do follow our blog, or drop us an email for updates :)

vanessarm818 said...

Really? Thnx ,will follow . Thnx so much. Xoxo

vanessarm818 said...

You will be getting more of the NYx lips lipstick line though? Xoxo

SS Sisters said...

@vanessarm818 it depends on what is in stock at our supplier's, but there will definitely be a selection :)