Friday, April 2, 2010

ELF 50% off Studio Sprees: Spree Status

10th April: All orders have been placed and confirmed with our US side. They will be placing the order by tomorrow
11th April: Orders have been placed (in two batches) with ELF and is processing.
13th April: Both packages have been sent out by ELF. For some unknown reason one of the tracking numbers doesn't work, but we will handle that, so no worries. =)
16th April: The first package has arrived at our US side. Waiting for the second one now. Tracking number works now btw =D
20th April: Both packages have arrived at our US side. In process of repacking for shipment to Malaysia. Potential delay as our personal order from Urban Decay hasn't reached them yet. Sorry gals!
25th April: Problem with UD :( They said they've shipped out, but the tracking number doesn't work. Getting our US side to update us soon.
26th April: Everything is with our US side, finally! They will be repacking and posting out to Malaysia by the end of the week, so ETA remains mid May. Phew!
29th April: ELF Studio items are on their way to Malaysia :D
2nd May: ELF Studio items have reached Malaysian shores! Now to wait for the package to clear from Customs :D
7th May: Egads, there wasn't anyone home to collect the parcel! Studio items are currently with Pos Malaysia, will be collecting them on MONDAY! =D Woot can you imagine my glee when notices for THREE parcels came? (For UD, Nars and ELF Studio :D)
10th May: Items are here! Woot! Do expect an email from us by tonight :) Posting days will be tmrw (unconfirmed), Wednesday and Thursday (confirmed)

ELF Studio 50% off Spree
Closing on: 9th April Midnight
ETA to Malaysia: Early to Mid May
Minimum deposit required: 50% for returning customers, 80% for new customers

Shanny (Delivered May 12th - LG109884244MY)
Studio Small Smudge Brush = RM15
Postage: Pos Ekspres = RM3
Total: RM18
Payment: RM22 received, RM4 refunded in parcel
Postal details: Details received

Jacintha (Delivered May 12th - ED925196400MY)
Studio Powder Brush = RM15
Studio Kabuki - Face = RM19
Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer = RM21
Studio SPF45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection = RM21
Postage: Pos Laju = RM9
Total = RM85
Payment: RM85 received
Postal details: Details received

Daphv (To be combined with personal CC10% Spree)
Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer = RM21
Studio Powder Brush = RM15
Postage: Unknown (combine with personal CC10% spree)
Total: RM36 + postage
Payment: RM28.80 paid, RM7.20 plus postage cost pending
Postal details: Pending

Idda (Delivered May 12th - PX210779714MY)
Studio Bronzer - Warm = RM15
Postage: Combine with ELF Mineral and Almost Readystock ver 2 Sprees
Total: RM15
Payment: RM15 paid
Postal details: Received

Studio Bronzer - Warm = RM15
Studio Bronzer - Cool = RM15
Studio Bronzer - Golden = RM15
Studio Eye Transformer = RM15
Studio Shimmer Palette = RM15
Studio Lip Primer & Plumper = RM15
Studio Lip stain - First Date = RM15
Studio Lip stain - Birthday Suit = RM15
Studio Complexion Perfection = RM15
Studio Powder Brush = RM15
Studio Complexion Brush = RM15
Studio Kabuki - Face = RM19
Studio Kabuki - Body = RM25
Postage: Free via Pos Laju for WM or Registered Post for EM
Total: RM209
Payment: RM105 paid, RM104 pending.
Postal details: Pending

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