Friday, April 2, 2010

ELF 50% off Studio Sprees

Update April 7th: Coastal Scents spree canceled due to lack of interest

Update April 4th: Cherry Culture spree canceled as our US side is expecting a 20% off sale in May.
Update April 6th: ELF Studio spree's closing date has been brought forward as the coupon is only valid until the 10th of April, US time.

Our US side just opened a whole bunch of sprees, so we're gonna have everything here.

There would also be potential Urban Decay Friends & Family Sale Spree plus a Tarte 40% Off Spree which may be announced later on. =)

ELF EGSTUDZ 50% off Studio Spree
Closing on: 9th April Midnight
ETA to Malaysia: Early to Mid May
Minimum deposit required: 50% for returning customers, 80% for new customers

(We have two different US peeps running ELF sprees, so for this one we will only accept Studio items. For reviews see here while for Swatches see here. To order other ELF items, please refer to here)

Studio items:
$3 = RM15
$5 = RM19
$6 = RM21
$8 = RM25
$30 = RM150
$15 brush belt = RM72 (I bought two myself previously, and I agree with the Youtubers who say it's the same as MACs! Just different logo oni)

*Prices exclude local Malaysian postage. Returning customers will get free postage via Registered post. Do inform us when you're placing your order, in case we forgot.

Check the spree status and your orders here.

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