Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nyx and LA Colors: Almost Ready stock

Hello all you babes out there!

We found a couple of peeps who are letting go of their brand new Nyx and LA Colors item, and since we'll be buying some stuff from them too, we thought, why not give our customers a chance to get Nyx and LA Colors items fast, and with a cheap price? (Nyx items are almost the same price as during the $1 spree! (They were RM15 each then) Totally regretting buying those now, since Nyx is taking FOREVER to deliver the items T.T)

We've compiled everything that's available, using pics that the sellers themselves provided.

We'll be collecting orders until 9.30PM on the 14th of March, and we'll also require a 50% deposit by then before we would add your order into our list.

We'll prefer payment ASAP as then we can immediately reserve your items, rather than having them get sold out, as there are only one each for most of the Nyx items =(

Also, we will really appreciate you answering our survey about future sprees. Click here to answer.

Gist of this spree:
Closing date: 11:59PM, 13th March 2010
ETA: 19th March 2010
Minimum deposit required: 50% of total item cost

Click on the pics to enlarge.


Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania (now renamed to Loose Pearl Powder)
Btw, if you're looking for jars to put your Ultra Pearl Mania in, we can get clear 5 gram ones for you as well for RM1 each.

Nyx Round Lipstick

Nyx Round Lipgloss (Potentially recently discontinued, as they aren't available on the Nyx website anymore. =( Boo on discontinuing HG stuff! Flie's gonna get herself a backup for the Very Clear!)

Update: Nyx Round Lipgloss has been selling like hotcakes, so many shades are no longer available. What's available now are:
Very Clear
Doll Pink
Deep Red
Vampy Red
Red Tint

Nyx Fruit Lipbalm
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil

LA Colors

LA Colors Duo Eyeshadow

LA Colors Quad Eyeshadow

LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow

LA Colors Dual Blush

LA Colors Nail Lacquer

There are more LA Colors items available, however, the seller did not provide the real pic of the items but the online swatches only. You may also order those items, but I won't know how those items look like in real life. Those items are LA Color's:

Liquid Makeup (Liquid foundation) @ RM23 each
Pressed Powder @ RM23 each
Auto Eyeliner @ RM11 each
Auto Lipliner @ RM11 each
2 in 1 Eye Colour (Eyeliner & Mascara) @ RM28 each
Liquid Eyeliner @ RM13 each
Mascara @ RM13 each
Lipstick (Both Matte and Moisture formulas available) @ RM11 each
Twisty Lipgloss @ RM15 each

Please inquire about the available shades if you're interested.

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