Thursday, March 25, 2010

ELF Sugarkiss 75% off and Minerals 50% off Spree!

Update 2nd April: The 50% off Minerals spree is on!
Update 10th April: ELF had cut all Sugar Kiss items' prices by HALF! We're not sure if the coupon still works though. =( We will not be placing Sugar Kiss orders for now until we know whether the coupon works.

Update 31st March: We might be able to run a 50% off ELF Minerals spree, but it will have to be a very quick one as the coupon is only valid until 15th April. Waiting for our US side to get back to us on it, but prices should be the same as the 50% off Studio sale. Note that we can only use one coupon per order, so Minerals and Sugar Kiss items will be ordered separately. Email us your order if you're interested, and remember to include your cellphone number so we may contact you straight away if needed

Oh, and we split the Nars and ELF sprees to make it easier to read. =P

Update 28th March: ELF Non-Sugar Kiss prices is now lower as my US side is using a gift voucher that gives a discount. =D

I know I know, the ELF Studio 50% off isn't even here yet, but I can't resist!

75% off ELF's Sugar Kiss Line! This is the first time they are giving out this coupon kay~~

I've not tried anything from that line before (hehe I donno, too cutesy I guess :P) so here's a perfect time to try them out!

Sugar Kiss line:
$1 = RM7
$2 = RM13
$4 = RM 24

Minerals line (Closes on 14th April 5pm Sharp):
$3 = RM16
$5 = RM22
$8 = RM28
$12 = RM42
$20 = RM60

ELF Professional line:
$1 = RM10
$2 = RM15
$3 = RM19
$5 = RM27
$6 = RM31

For Studio items, please refer to here)
(Prices do not apply for heavy items like cases. Please email us for price)

ELF Sugar Kiss 75% off and Minerals 50% off Spree - The Details:
Closing date: 14th April 2010
ETA: Guesstimated 4 weeks after spree closes
Deposit required: 50% of item price
Please include your hp number in your email so we may contact you for urgent matters.

Some of things that Flie is quite interested in:

Sugarkiss Sparkle Eye Duo $1 - $2 = RM7 - RM13

Losta lovin,

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