Monday, March 29, 2010

ELF Sugar Kiss 75% off and Minerals 50% off Spree Order List

18th April: ELF Minerals Spree items have been ordered. Waiting for ELF to deliver. Other items have not been ordered by our US side as they've not closed the spree T.T
19th April: US side FINALLY closed the spree and would be placing the orders soon. ETA updated.
19th April: $(*!#&%!%$#^$#*^Y$%#$^*!!!!!! Every single Sugar Kiss item is out of stock! GAH!!!! Do expect an email from us very soon babes.
20th April: Mineral items are in transit to our US side. Other items were ordered separately and are still being processed by ELF.
25th April: Still processing like whattafishsticks :( ELF definitely overextended themselves by having so many sales at the same time :(
27th April: No status change :( Either ELF is still processing the normal items order and the Minerals package is taking a long time to reach our US side, or they are slacking in updates :(
29th April: Mineral items have reached our US side, but we're still getting no news from ELF about the other order.
2nd May: This is getting ridiculous. We'll be getting our US side to ask ELF what's taking them so long. >:(
5th May: Finally! Final package from ELF on it's way to our US side.
9th May: Hmm, US side hasn't gotten the ELF package yet .. :(
14th May: FINALLY the ELF items are on their way to Malaysia!
18th May: YESSSS stuff's in Malaysia!
22nd May: Yayyyyyyyyyyy after so long the ELF stuff are in our hands at last!
24th May: CODs done, spree officially closed! :D No worries Aqilah, the next $1 primer will have your name on it :P

ELF Spree - The Details:
Closing date: 18th April 2010
ETA: Mid May 2010
Deposit required: 50% of item price
Please include your hp number in your email so we may contact you for urgent matters

Mineral line (Closed):
$3 = RM16
$5 = RM22
$8 = RM28
$12 = RM42
$20 = RM60

Other ELF lines: (For orders before April 10th)*
$1 = RM10
$2 = RM15
$3 = RM19
$5 = RM27
$6 = RM31

Other ELF lines: (For orders after April 10th)*
$0.50 = RM7
$1 = RM11.50
$2 = RM16
$3 = RM20
$5 = RM30
$8 = RM52

*Our US side changed the price again as the spree for the previous discounted one had been closed

For the Studio line, please refer to here.

ELF Order List:
Fagha (Order OOS - RM20 refunded)
Sugar Kiss Daring Mascara - Winter Wonderland = RM7
Sugar Kiss Glitter Liquid Liner - Shooting Star = RM7
Sugar Kiss Lip Gloss Tin = RM7
Postage: Unknown
Total: RM21 + postage
Payment: RM20 received
Postal details: Received

Idda (Delivered May 12th using personal stock - PX210779714MY)
Sugar Kiss Lip Gloss Tin = RM7 (OOS)
Mineral Eyeshadow Primer = RM16
Postage: Pos Ekspres = RM6.00 (Combine with ELF Studio Spree + Almost Readystock Spree ver 2)
Total: RM27.50 RM22
Payment: RM22 received
Postal details: Received

Aqilah N (23rd May - COD)
Professional Eyelid Primer = RM10 (Missing from parcel)
Professional All Over Cover Stick - Golden Peach = RM10 (Out of stock)
Professional Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder - Warm Tan = RM10
Professional Beauty Encylopedia - Everyday Eye Edition = RM27
Postage: Unknown (COD if possible)
Total: RM57 + postage (if applicable) RM47 + postage (if applicable)
Payment: RM50 received, refund RM13 (minus postage cost if applicable)
Postal details: Pending

Farrah (24th May - COD)
Mineral Eyeshadow Primer = RM16 (Transferred from Flie's personal order)
Postage: COD at Wisma UOA = Free
Payment: RM16 received
Postal details: Contact number received

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