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ELF Reviews: Studio Items

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Since it's the Studio items that are the best quality and on sale at the moment, they are the most worth it to get. Here are a list of some of the hits and misses of ELF Studio, according to me, Flie.

If there's something you want to know more about but I didn't review here, drop me an email at syioksendirisisters [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll tell you what I know. :)

ELF Studio Brushes (including the kabuki)
MUST BUY!!! unless you already have a good set of course. ELF Studio brushes are perfect for those who want to get their first set of brushes, but aren't willing to fork out RM30++ per brush.

They are made with synthetic bristles so they are very dense, soft and will not scratch, and they do not shed, EVER. I've been using my set regularly for over a year now, and the most they've collectively shed is 3 bristles, and that's during washing only, never during application. That's 3 bristles for 12 brushes, even MAC can't beat that!

There is one thing about this set that spoils everything (other than you can't get it locally of course). The bristles aren't bouncy enough to my liking, as in, it doesn't "bounce" back to shape fast enough for me, so if I'm in a rush I'll have to "manually" reshape it every now and then.

Breakdown of the brushes:
  1. Face/ body kabuki - Get it!
  2. Powder brush - This flat top brush is great for buffing, and can be used as a sti! Get it!
  3. Complexion brush - Skip this if you're getting the kabuki and powder brushes, you'll probably hardly use it in the end. I know I am.
  4. Blush brush - Great for contouring.
  5. Foundation brush - Ok brush, but I prefer using my fingers for my liquid foundation, so I'm not the best person to rate this brush.
  6. Concealer brush -Works wonders at larger areas like undereyes and the sides of the nose, not so nice for tiny spots.
  7. Fan brush - I love using this to apply my pigmented blushes. Doesn't work so good in sweeping fallout away though as it's not dense enough for that.
  8. Eyeshadow C brush - Must have brush if you usually do all over washes. Big enough so you don't have to go over the same spots so many times, and tapered enough to get to smaller areas as well.
  9. Contour brush - Great for contouring or smudging to create smokey eyes and so on.
  10. Small precision brush - Almost exactly the same as the small smudge brush (See below)
  11. Small smudge brush - Almost exactly the same as the small precision brush. Good for tightlining, gel liners and getting into the tearduct fold. Also good for exact application of concealer.
  12. Small angled brush - Good for shading in your eyebrows or lining eyes as it's very tapered and can create very fine lines.
As a summary, if you have the budget, get the entire line. If not, skip the fan brush, complexion brush, foundation brush and either the small precision brush or small smudge brush.

The other tools (eyelash curlers, mirror, cleansing wipes) are so so only. Some will love them, the rest won't like them as much. I say if you don't have one already, get it, if not, pass.

Single eyeshadow
Honestly, I'm not a fan. Most of the colours look great in the pan, but hardly shows on the eyelid. If you want to get them, I suggest taking a good look at swatches first.
Eye Transformer
Quite a fun thing to have if you do dark eyeshadows often. Will also work as a highlighter for the very fair skinned.

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Eyeliner & Shadow Stick
I suck at using stick eyeshadow, so I don't really like this. For those more adept, the shadow stick DOES NOT SMUDGE! :D It does crease on oily lids though, so you'll want to prime first. As for the eyeliner, it does smudge, so use it only for a smokey eye, not for precision. Both glide on very well and will not tug on your skin.

Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter
The highlighter is LOVE, but not so for the concealer, as it faded on me as the day wore on.
Cream eyeliner
One of the newer ELF items. Not tried it yet myself, but heard that it's good only for it's price. Doesn't smudge, but the colour isn't intense enough for an eyeliner. Good if you want to try using gel liners, but if you want a spare go for another brand (Stila's Smudgepots rock my socks!)

Lip Stain
More like liquid lipstick. Don't like it because it's NOT a lip stain. :(

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2 In 1 Conditioning Gloss
It's hard to squeeze both the gloss and conditioning gloss thingy out the same time, but my lips did feel a little better, though not by much.

Lip Lock Pencil
One of the newer ELF items. Not tried it yet myself, but heard that it's very good. For lippie users, stop wasting your money on matching lip liners and get this instead!
Complexion Perfection
I love it (I've already hit the pan. T.T) but not everyone does. It works just as ELF says it does for me, but for some it gives them a white cast. Note that I buff it in, not just apply it.
The matte one is fine, but the shimmery ones are VERY shimmery. Need to use a light hand. On the other hand (pun intended hehe) you can also use it as eyeshadow. :D Also very fragile and powdery.
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Translucent Matifying Powder
Turns orange. Doesn't mattify that well. Don't get this.

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Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
Reminds you of the Nars Duo doesn't it? :D The blush is nice, but the bronzer is very very pigmented. Best for those with a light hand or with a darker skin tone.
Corrective Concealer
Some like it, but I don't. Felt too waxy for me and was easily rubbed off at it just sat at the top of my skin.
Pressed Powder
One of the newer ELF items. Not tried it yet myself, but am getting it in this spree, so you know it should be good. =) Supposed to give sheer to heavy coverage, as it can be used dry or wet. Darker tones should be great as a matte bronzer for contouring.
High Definition Powder
Must get! It's said to be as good as MakeUpForEver's, and though I've not tried that before I must say that the ELF one is really really good. My skin feels silky smooth after applying it (it's silica based) and although it's not noticable in person, in photos my pores looked much much smaller, almost invisible (and I have large pores mind you). Mattifies somewhat, but with my very oily complexion I still need to blot after 5 hours or so.
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Mineral Face Primer
I've not gotten it yet, but am just waiting for a discount like this as I've not read a single bad review about this product. The only rant I've heard is how small it is compared to the picture, but everyone says they use only a drop or so for their entire face, so it's bound to last quite some time.
Concealer Pencil & Brush
I love this! The concealer glides on well and blends easily and doesn't rub off even with my oily skin. The brush also rocks, so don't throw it after the concealer finishes, keep it! Sharpener in the cap ensures you never loose it. (NC25 and below should go for the lightest shade)
Another new item from ELF. I've not tried it and there aren't many reviews, but so far they say that the packaging sucks (cap cannot lock tightly enough, and the stick breaks easily) but the concealer itself is ok.
Get it if you like the shade, for all of them are great! The colours are sheer but buildable, so it's quite foolproof. Candid Coral is very similar to the blush in the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, and some say Tickled Pink is a close match to Nars Super Orgasm.

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Come back later this evening for reviews for items in ELF's other lines.

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