Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ELF Reviews: Mineral Line

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Mineral line:

The rock! I've just placed an order for 6 more during a recent sale. :D Do look as swatches before deciding, and if you can't find one of everything, email me and I'll send you one.
Better than the Studio line one, but it does smudge too. Not worth the full price IMO.
Mineral Primer
The best eyeshadow primer from ELF, and it works fabulously! Who needs UDPP or TFSI when you have ELF!

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Lipstick/Lip Gloss
Great stuff! The colours are sheer but buildable.

Mineral Glow/ Mineral Booster
I own only the Mineral Glow, but I've read that they are practically the same thing. Not bad, but I've not really tested it yet.

Mineral Concealer/Mineral Foundation
The coverage is very very very sheer, will not reccomend getting this unless your complexion is great to begin with.
Again, another win for ELF. Finely milled and does not fade. Loose blush is harder to control than pressed blush though, so be careful when applying.
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Mineral Blemish Kit
Brand new item from ELF, and so far ALL reviews I've read rave on how good it is and that's it's the exact same thing as Bare Escentual's for a tiny fraction of the price.
Brushes including the kabuki
I don't know about the brushes that come included in some other kits, but the kabukis, total face brush and blush brush from the Mineral line is NOT GOOD. Scratchy, sheds and bleeds nonstop.

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