Monday, January 18, 2010

Nyx Cosmetics Spree!

We'll be running a Nyx Cosmetics spree really soon, where everything's only RM15 each!

Yes, that's it, only RM15 for the product + international shipping + customs tax + everything else other than local postage. However, ff you purchase RM100 or more, we'll pay for your postage! (>RM100 = Registered post, >RM150 = Pos Laju)

The only bad side is that there is very high probability that the items won't reach us in time for CNY, but hey, what's a little time compared to great savings?

Check us out bright and early tomorrow morning for the list of items available. :D

P/S: This will be a one time spree only. If there is demand for it, we will run the spree again but prices will not be this low (unless Nyx Cosmetics has the same offer again. :D)

P/P/S: also has some very value for money sets from Stila, namely the Smudgepot Trio (RM80), Get Glossed Sets 1 and 2 (RM80) and the Charmed Eyeshadow Palette (RM70) and so on. We can also order them if anyone's interested. Read the next post for more items.

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