Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's All 'bout the BLING

T0009: Biker Chic (Pictured on the right)

Classic houndstooth pattern revamped with a grundge-y twist in splashed silver.


Fits S to small XL.

Shoulders: 14"
Cuffs: 3" unstretched
Sleeves: 23"
Length: 18.5"

T0010: Sequin-ed

Similarly cut to T0009: Biker Chic (but without pockets), Sequin-ed is for the more feminine gals out there. Throw it on your T-shirt and jeans to dress it up, or with a dinner gaun to dress it down when you go off to the mamak to yum cha.


Fits S to large L.

Shoulders: 13"
Cuffs: 3" unstretched
Sleeves: 21"
Length: 16"

T0011: Boxed Gold


Outshine others when you're in a club with this little number. Pair it with patterned tights or go without if you're the more daring kind.

Either way, the spotlight's on you babe.

Fits even UK12 babes (Teehee I've tried. :P - Flie).
Petites may wear it as a minidress, hip hop style.
Inner tube is not included.

Shoulders: 11.5"
Chest: 16"
Length: 28"


tasha said...

hi hm just wondering do you have a mini cardie yg fully sequined or fully beaded. preferably black. im wearing a dress for my dinner so i want something to cover up sikit. cardigan kecik je, sampai below the breast betul2. do you have one?

SS Sisters said...

Hi Tasha!

For mini cardies, we only have the two on this post. Panjang sampai bila tu, depends on your height and bust size la :) Do refer to the measurements provided, and kalau interested drop us an email at syioksendirisisters[at]gmail[dot]com :)

âMeLïå said...

Is t0009 or t0010 still available?