Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Drinks with the Dogs

Stop thinking that houndstooth are for rich grandmas only, or that cocktail dresses have to be in boring monotone.

(Gah shaky hands!)

Tightly smocked back allows you to go without a bra (the cloth's thick enough for that) or for the more shy, add straps to the hidden loops sewn on this one piece dress.

Valentine cut neckline to accentuate the bust, two tiers of soft ruffles to hide flab and create even more contrast to flaunt or fake an hourglass figure and a slimming pencil cut skirt to show off those legs. Reverse (heck, even remove and exchange!) the bow for a different look.

D0034 (Black) and D0035 (Red): Mocktails.

RM50 each.

Fits XS to small M.

Bust: 12" (unstretched) to 18" (max, we do not recommend it though)
Length: 23.5"

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