Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Spree!

Hey babes, since our supplier updated with loads of Christmas themed accessories, we decided to run another quick spree.

And our Christmas gift to you is free postage via Pos Ekspres! But, Santa needs to know whether you've been a good or naughty girl this year, so check out our reviewer's sites for the secret phrase!

We're not so evil as to give lumps of coal to our naughty babes though. :P With purchases amounting to more than RM50 (excluding postage), we'll throw in R0014: Vintage Rose for free! (It's worth RM10 ya'll!). In case we forget though, do remind us about it when you're making your order. :D

Some updates are:

E0060: Candy. RM12
E0070: Christmas Quartet. RM16 per set of four.
E0072 and E0073: Winter Gloves. RM8 a pair
N0056: Daisy Garland. RM25

N0057: Metal Tie. RM20

N0058: Ghetto Music. RM18

R0014: Vintage Rose. RM10 (Get this free when you order >RM50 excluding postage!)

R0019: Smiley. RM10

HA0021 and HA0022: Top Hat. RM25 each.

HA0024: Blinging Headband. RM28

The details are:
Accessories Spree, Chirstmas Special!
Status: Open. Closes on 19th December, 12PM sharp
ETA: 24th December
Full items list: http://picasaweb.google.com/syioksendirisisters

Spree updates:
8th December: Open for orders.
19th December: Spree closed, order placed with supplier.
22nd December: Received items from supplier.
23rd December: Order posted out. Pos Laju system was offline so will retry later or tomorrow.
24th December: All items posted out.

Order list:

H0017: Belted Bracelet in Black = RM10
H0019: Belted Bracelet in Brown = RM10
Delivery: Pos Ekspres = RM3
Total: RM23
Paid: RM23
Tracking No: LG101727013MY

E0007: Baa Baa White Sheep = RM10
H0040: Cross My Heart = RM10 x3 sets
N0011: Bronze Owlie = RM20
N0017: Caged Wings = RM22
R0014: Vintage Rose = RM10 Free!
Delivery: COD @ HELP University = Free
Total: RM82
Paid: RM82
Tracking No: N/A

N0011: Bronze Owlie = RM20
H0017: Belted Bracelet in Black = RM10
H0019: Belted Bracelet in Brown = RM10
Delivery: Pos Laju = RM7
Total: RM47
Paid: RM47
Tracking No: ED867693610MY

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