Friday, October 30, 2009


Knowing that there are some who don't trust preorders, especially when they can't see the exact pictures of the items, we decided to bring in some extras just for you babes. :D

We had more, but they got snapped up even before we posted them up here. X|

N0021: Paparazzi in Red

Perfection for hardcore photographers who are never seen without their cameras.

N0025: Caged Wings
Cage up your worries and fly up high in the skies, now that's a perfect world.

N0038: Persephone

Queen of the underworld, Goddess of spring. Anyone else sense some disharmony here?
Do read her story, very interesting.

N0039: Daisy Chain
RM20 RM15
Everything about this necklace screams dainty girlishness, from the fragile looking (but though!) daisies to the teensy tiny chain.

H0032: Belted Bracelet in White
RM10 RM8
I believe something that gets ordered in every batch needs no introduction anymore. :)

R0012: White Rose
RM10 RM7
The white rose, the symbol of pure love. *hints to the boyfriends*
(Not adjustable, inner diameter a little bigger than Diva's L)

E0047: Rainy Days
RM16 RM12
Doesn't this so suit our Malaysian weather? hehehe

Needs no intro. :D

N0049: Owlie in Bronze
N0050: Owlie in Silver
N0051 : Owlie in Silver

RM20 RM15 each

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