Sunday, October 4, 2009

Accessories Spree, Round 3!

Hi babes!

Our supplier has some new designs!

Check out the updated album @

Here's some real pics as well, so you can see the general quality. =)

N0010 (Silver) and N0011 (Bronze) : Owlie

E0038: Ices

R0003: Rosey

N0036: Daisy Chain (Yes, it's a bib necklace!)

While some new updates are:
R0010: White Rose

R0008 and R0009: Royal Flush

N0034: Persephone

N0028: Paris in a Bottle

N0026 and N0027: I Spy

H0040: Cross My Heart

H0036, H0037, H0038 and H0039: Posh Rocker

E0056: Chrysanthemums - Hooked (Available as studs as well, together with a matching ring!)

E0054: Beemer

Check out the rest in our album,

Spree closes on the 18th of October and the estimated time your order will arrive at your doorstep is on 26th October.

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