Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ten Ten Ten Ten Sale

Ten ten ten ten~~~~

(Ok, that joke does not translate to paper screen that well)

Guess what are going to be sold for 10% off?

For 10 days starting September 15th, we'll be having our Ten Ten Ten Ten Sale, where selected items will be going for at least 10% off. If you quote our coupon code in your first email to us (or at least before we reply), you'll get 15% off!

Also, in appreciation to our previous customers, all returning customers will automatically get 15% off!

New customers won't get left out too. In addition to the discount, those who spend more than RM100 excluding postage will get some freebies from us!

*Reservation rules apply, and all payment has to be done before September 29th to be eligible for the sale price.

P/S: A little hint for the code: Visit our top reviewers.

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