Monday, September 28, 2009

Seamless Panties restocked!

Yes, we finally managed to get our popular seamless panties restocked. =D

RM5 each.

The sad part is that our cost for it has increased, so no more RM8 for two. =(

Sold out!

U0078 (Black)
U0079 (Black)
U0080 (Black)
U0081 (Black)
U0082 (Black)
U0083 (Black)
U0084 (Black)
U0085 (Black)
U0086 (Black)
U0087 (Black)
U0088 (Black)
U0089 (Black)
U0090 (Black)
U0091 (Black)
U0092 (Black)
U0093 (Black)
U0094 (Black)
U0095 (Black)
U0096 (Black)
U0097 (Black)
U0098 (Black)
U0099 (Black)
U0100 (Black)
U0105 (Black)
U0106 (Purple)
U0107 (Purple)
U0108 (Purple)
U0109 (Maroon)
U0110 (Maroon)
U0111 (Maroon)
U0112 (Maroon)
U0113 (Maroon)
U0114 (Maroon)
U0115 (Red)
U0116 (Red)
U0117 (Red)
U0118 (Nude)
U0119 (Nude)
U0120 (Nude)
U0121 (Nude)
U0122 (Nude)
U0123 (Pink)
U0124 (Pink)
U0125 (Pink)
U0126 (Pink)
U0127 (Blue)
U0128 (Blue)
U0129 (Blue)
U0130 (White)
U0131 (White)

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