Monday, September 14, 2009

Accessories Spree, Round 2!

As requested, we'll be running Round Two of our Accessories Spree!

More goodies available and packed in an all new photo album for easy viewing. =D

Visit and check it out!

Photos, check.
Prices, check.
General information, check.
More goodies, double check.

This time round, we're not going to rush the closing date, so everyone will have more time to leisurely browse and choose their items. =D

Final orders and payment due only on the 22nd, while the estimated time of arrival of your goods to your hands will be a mere 7 days from then, the 29th September.

Certain items are on hand. =) Said items are:
H0018 (White): Belted Bracelet - RM10
H0009: A Strand of Diamonds - RM20
H0001: Crown Bangle - RM20
N0007: Crown Necklace - RM20
N0003: Treasure My Love - RM22
H0008: Teddy Beary Bracelet - RM20
N0001: Maccas I *heart*! - RM20
R0002: Dolphiney - RM10
H0007: L.O.V.E. - RM20

P/S: Ten Ten Ten Ten Sales start tomorrow!
Take this opportunity to get great quality stuff for even cheaper prices!
And yes, we can hold posting out your items so you can combine postage with the accessories spree and yay more savings!

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