Thursday, September 10, 2009

Accessories Spree! Batch 1 order list

7th Sept, 2009: Accessories Spree #1 closed. Unpaid orders are automatically canceled, except those who requested for an extension.
7th Sept, 2009: Order placed. Pending confirmation from supplier.
10th Sept, 2009: Collected items from supplier. In process of quality checking and packing. Please check emails.
12th Sept, 2009: All packages sent out today. Please expect to receive it on Monday.

Sanam J

Item(s): Received
N0011 - Rm20
N0014 - Rm20
H0019 - Rm 10
HA0003 - Rm 6
E003, E004 and E005 - Rm12
E0007 - Rm10
Delivery: COD - HSBC Pusat Bandar Damansara, Monday 12th September, 4-4:30pm
Total: RM78
Paid: RM78
Tracking No: Not Applicable.

Item(s): Received
HA0001 - RM15
Delivery: Pos Ekspres - RM4 > Converted to Pos Laju
Total: RM19
Paid: RM19
Tracking No: EN235963518MY

Karen N
Item(s): Received
W0003 - RM25
H0017 - RM10
Delivery: Pos Laju - RM6
Total: RM41
Paid: RM41
Tracking No: EN235963504MY

Farah A Received
N0011 - RM20
Delivery: Pos Ekspres - RM3
Total: RM23
Paid: RM23
Tracking No: LX702770120MY

N0011 - RM20
Delivery: Pos Ekspres - RM2.50
Total: RM22.50
Paid: RM22.50
Tracking No: LX702770116MY

Item(s): Received
HA0003: RM6
Delivery: Pos Ekspres - RM4
Total: RM10
Paid: RM10
Tracking No: LC002108190MY

Ivy C
Item(s): Received
N0015 - RM13
Delivery: Post Laju - RM6
Total: RM19
Paid: RM20 (To refund RM1 in parcel)
Tracking No: EN235963521MY

Deb T
Item(s): Received
R0001 (Gold) - RM10
W0001 (White) - RM15
HA0003 - RM6
Delivery: Pos Ekspres - RM4
Total: RM35
Paid: RM35
Tracking No: LX427131252MY

Item(s): Received
H0017 - RM10
Delivery: Pos Ekspres - RM3
Total: RM13
Paid: RM20(To refund RM7 in parcel)
Tracking No: LX700727659MY

Item(s): Received
N0010 - RM20
Delivery: COD - KLCC
Total: RM20
Paid: RM20
Tracking No: Not Applicable

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